Experience True Self-love, Tap Into Magnificent Personal Power, Align With Your Soul Purpose & Manifest a Life of Abundance, Health & Happiness...
Living a life of confidence, love, ease, health and happiness is an inside job. It needs to begin with how you feel and what you believe about yourself.
You need to release all of that anxiety, pain & fear that’s inside you and that’s causing you to doubt yourself, and hold back and play small. 
I’m not just talking about moments of panic-fuelled fear but that awful, background anxiety that never really goes away.
You know what I mean…
It’s like having a low grade fever...it’s not enough to make you lie down but it’s enough to drain your energy, force you to move slowly and feel unmotivated and disinterested.
Life is unpredictable and so is our Spiritual Journey but that doesn’t mean you have to experience every day with the weight of anxiety-filled self-doubt blocking your ability to make decisions that are right for you…
Anxiety that stops you from stepping up and out into the light…
Crushing fear that holds you back from creating beautiful, sellout programs and services and offering them with confidence.
As many of you have experienced on your Spiritual Journey living the life of your dreams isn’t just about reciting powerful mantras or sitting in meditation all day. It’s about going out into the world, living out your Soul’s purpose, sharing your light, speaking your truth and making authentic connections with those in your world. 
When you are happy, fulfilled and confident within yourself, your life opens up in magical ways and there is a deep level of trust and love within yourself and for yourself
  • People are drawn to you and want to be in your presence
  •  You’ll manifest your desires with ease and grace
  •  Abundance will flow to you almost effortlessly 
  •  Your relationships and business partnerships will be supportive and deeply authentic
If you are ready to start to live in this way and release all of that anxiety and fear that does not serve you, I’d love to invite you to go on a “JOURNEY of BLISS” with me.
This is a transformational healing journey into authentic confidence, power, happiness and inner peace. 
Psychic Priestess and Shamanic Soul Activator

As a Shamanic Soul Activator & Priestess, Medical Psychic and Divine Channel of Love and Light, I’ve been gifted with the ability to tune into all 4 layers of existence - physical, spiritual, mental and emotional. 
I can decipher what’s going on deep below the surface of your life. 
During this 4-week healing journey, I’ll be channelling through high vibrational energy, divine wisdom and transformational healing so you can connect with your pure, authentic self, own the power that you were born with, speak your truth without fear and experience the freedom and abundance that comes with with lasting, unconditional self-love.

When you join me on this journey, you’ll be able to:
  • Release deep-seated conscious and unconscious trauma, anxiety and emotional pain that is at the root of your current state of being. 
  • Easily connect to your inner wisdom so you can make powerful aligned choices that bring you closer to your dreams 
  •  Create healthy boundaries that support you so you can have space for creativity and success on your terms
  •  Speak your truth no matter what else is going on...and you’ll do this with kindness, clarity and strength, without apology or fear.
  •  Experience amazing relationships in all areas of your life - from business partnerships to romance.
  •  Experience deep inner peace, and authentic confidence so you can tackle any challenge that comes your way with grace
  •  Tap into your magnificent personal power so you can design a life and business that feels good in your soul

  •  Medical and Soul Readings so you can let go of that which needs to be released but is currently hidden from your conscious mind 
  •  Energy Healing and Realignment so your energy system will act as pure, powerful fuel for your goals and dreams 
  •  Removal of Entities that are blocking your progress and your ability to achieve your soul purpose in this life
  •  Past Life Regressions that will shine a light on unknown promises, vows and other unwanted bonds that hold you back. You will release these forever.
  •  Chakra Clearing, Opening and Alignment to allow your true power to come through for you to manifest your desires with ease.
  •  Channelled Wisdom and Insights from Ascended Masters and High-Frequency Beings for guidance on how you can find soul satisfaction as you live the life of your dreams
  •  Activation of New Belief Systems that will serve as the pillars of your life so you will always have an incredibly strong and supportive foundation to create the future you desire
  •  Valuable Support in the FB group so you can ask me any questions that you may have as you journey into your new life of freedom and peace
  •  Priceless Tools and Techniques that you can use every day to support yourself as you move forward in your life
In just 4 weeks, your soul purpose and life path will be illuminated as you get connected to your true essence, your heart, your emotions and your body. 
You can look forward to experiencing ease, flow and aligned abundance. 
You’ll remember who you truly are and what you are meant to do in this world.
You’ll take charge of your life, own your truth and live with power, purpose,and passion. 
I’m offering this extraordinarily powerful program to you if who are ready to for this level of transformation and magic.
I’ll be working with you in small group sessions for 1hour/week for the entire 4 weeks. 
The total value of this magical group program is well over $1,500
But I’ve created a very special offer for those who are ready for this life-altering experience...
Your investment for this life-changing experience is just $99 (one time payment)
This is the ONLY time I’ll be offering this program at this price (the next round will be $699 and it will continue to rise from there)
I’m going to be going deep with every single beautiful soul who signs up and this means I will invest incredible amounts of personal energy and time to make sure you experience lasting transformations.
This is why I’ve decided to offer this program at this price... just this once! 
You won’t find this level of support, and healing and transformation anywhere else. So, if you’re called to do this, now’s the time. I welcome you with open arms and an open heart :) 

Do you want to go even deeper into your healing Journey? 

If this sounds like you, I’d love to personalise your HEALING experience where you’ll get to connect with ME one-on-one. 
[The cost for 1 session with me is normally $399, BUT I’ve opened up 8 spots to personally connect with me for 3, 1 hour Medical Psychic sessions.]


3 x 1 hour sessions with me plus the group program ONLY $599 (Total Value is $1,896) 
The program begins on July 10th, 2017
How: We will gather every week on Zoom Video conference and you’ll receive information about the healing session for the week. We’ll go deep into the healing from your childhood, past lives, ancestors and any energetic blocks. Each process during these calls, will help you to deepen your relationship with yourself and release deep-seated beliefs that no longer serve you.
When: Live calls will be held on Tuesdays (Healing session)
Private Facebook Group: You will be invited to join a private Facebook Group where you can connect with other Divine Souls in the program, share your experiences and ask me any questions that come up for you.
Recording: Don’t worry if you can’t attend live. You will receive a recording of each call and you’ll still receive the benefits just by being in the space with me.
If you’re ready to achieve your highest potential, and create incredible success in your life and business with deep joy, enthusiasm and energy…I’m here for you!
Let’s create the life of your dreams together.

$99 USD
$599 USD
Much love, gratitude and light,

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